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The massive mining industry requires even bigger machines

Experts say mining automation is the next big engineering shift"

One of the most prominent themes in the world's mining industry is size: Big projects, big risks, big profits.

This theme isn't lost on the machinery used on mining sites, either. In fact, some of the largest pieces of industrial equipment anywhere in the world can be found in mining operations throughout Australia.

Mining Australia recently put together a list of the biggest of the big in the mining industry, and the sheer size and power of these industrial engineering marvels is astounding.

The largest machines found on any mining site are hands down the bucket wheel excavators. One of these products, the Bagger 293, is actually the largest land vehicle ever built by humans.

This machine was built in 1995 and towers about 96 metres high. With a length of 225 metres, it's total weight comes in at 14,200 tonnes, and its most basic functions require a team of five people to operate it.

Its design lets mining firms churn up 240,000 cubic metres of earth every day.

The next largest mining machine is the hydraulic shovel. Although it may have a fairly standard name, this behemoth weighs about 100 tonnes and has a maximum bucket capacity of 50 cubic metres.

But these machines aren't limited to just the extraction site. Moving the raw materials to port requires haul trucks that dwarf average freight trucks. The largest haul truck in the world is the BelAZ 450, which is 25 per cent bigger than the next largest truck. The machine has two 16-cylinder engines that can move the truck at a max speed of 64km/h.

Interconnect Systems, an expert in field of mining engineering, has been operating in the industry for more than 20 years. In this time is has developed several products and solutions that will benefit a variety of mining projects.

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By Philip Shelley

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