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Why the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands was necessary

The ongoing mission in the Soloman Islands has been essential to the growth of the country"

A staple of Australian defence force operations has been overseas aid, helping smaller nations in times of need. One of these ongoing missions has been critiqued recently.

The decade-long assistance mission to the Solomon Islands has been called a "disproportionate investment" by Jenny Hayward-Jones from the Lowy Institute, and one that should have unfolded a lot differently before leading into what she described as "mission drift".

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) has cost Australia around $2.6 billion in aid funding, an amount that has been gradually poured into the country over the past 10 years.

Criticism has also been drawn from the fact that Australia paid for the personnel contributions of other Pacific Island Nations.

The paper explained that over the course of the RAMSI mission, 24 per cent of Australia's aid to Oceania was contributed to the Solomon Islands, compared with a little over 3 per cent prior.

This mission has been essential however, as over the decade the islands have seen substantial improvements. Law and order have been restored, the economy has been reconstituted and the government has been prepared.

Efforts have set up the country for the foreseeable future, better equipping it to continue rebuilding the economy, and increasing areas such as disaster response.

Australia's work in the Pacific nation is still unfinished, and will require presence for the foreseeable future.

Australia will continue to support the island nation along with New Zealand, providing aid and support when necessary. Ensuring strong ties to regional partners will continue to remain important, especially given the efforts already made over the past 10 years.

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