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What are Australia's operations in Afghanistan?

The Assistant Defence Minister has recently visited RAAF Glenbrook."

One of the key regions that Australian military personnel are involved in is Afghanistan through participation in an International Military Police (IMP) force in Kabul.

Specifically, they operate within Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA) which hosts thousands of military personnel from across the world. 

Working with international militaries in Kabul

"Our team is responsible for policing the rules and regulations of the base."

According to the Department of Defence, the IMP team is led by the Danish military and made up of 16 soldiers four of which are from the Australian Army Military Police. IMP Supervisor Corporal Aaron Wilcox is part of the team that manages the safety of all the troops and civilians who operate at HKIA.

"Our team is responsible for policing the rules and regulations of the base, including traffic control, weapon states and dress standards," Corporal Wilcox said.

"We also conduct security and identification checks and search for prohibited items and substances at the entry control points. This requires us to liaise with people from more than 40 countries as we conduct our investigations."

IMP member Private Jessica Clune stated that working in the global environment of HKIA was one of the best parts of the mission.

"It's been exciting to be doing my job on deployment and amazing to learn how the military forces from across the world go about their business... We collaborate well and get the job done," Private Clune said.

However, military personnel from the Turkish Army are ultimately responsible for ensuring HKIA remains secure. Private Clune also noted the close work the Australian soldiers undertake with the Turkish Army, particularly identifying contraband at certain controlled entrances in HKIA.

Working well with global militaries is important for Australian forces.Working well with global militaries is important for Australian forces.

Australia's global operations in Afghanistan

The IMP in Afghanistan act as a support for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) mission Resolute Support. According to NATO, Resolute Support commenced on January 1 2015, and is aimed at providing training, support and military advice to Afghanistan's security forces.

Earlier this year, Australia's Chief of the Defence Force, Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin confirmed Australia will continue to help bring stability to Afghanistan.

"While there is significant global attention on current operations in Iraq, our mission in Afghanistan has changed, not ended. Australia and our international partners have not forgotten the people of Afghanistan," Air Chief Marshal Binskin said. 

In order to provide support for NATO's mission, over 250 Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel are deployed in Afghanistan as part of Operation Highroad.

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