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US Marines to arrive in the Northern Territory

US Marines are set to arrive in the Northern Territory shortly, in order to use the region as a staging ground."

The new rotation of United States (US) Marines will soon arrive in the Northern Territory, bringing a large amount of equipment including vehicles and helicopters.

Marine rotations through Australia are not uncommon, and help to strengthen the bond between the two countries. The deployment in Australia acts as a natural disaster and humanitarian staging point for the US.

Both Australia and the US are constantly involved in collaborative defence projects, with Operation Red Flag the most recent example. During the exercise, both defence air forces engaged in simulated combat training in the US.

"The Marine deployment is evidence of the Territory's growing strategic role in Australia's defence, border protection and regional security policies," Chief Minister Adam Giles said.

"The deployment also enhances Northern Australia's position as the staging post for the provision of international humanitarian and disaster relief in our region."

As part of the deployment, a substantial amount of equipment will be coming into the region over the next few days. The hardware is to include helicopters, land vehicles and equipment for use in military exercises. Australian defence personnel stand to learn a lot from the Marines and their equipment.

"Territorians should expect to see some of this equipment being transported around the Greater Darwin and Palmerston areas over the next few weeks," explained Mr Giles.

Exercises will be undertaken at the Top End, the northernmost region of the Territory. This area plays a pivotal role in the border protection of Australia, due to its proximity to other nations. A Marine presence, even if temporary, is a good indicator of the relations between Australia and the US.

In addition to defence benefits, the Marines are expected to raise the NT Gross State Product by at least $5.6 million over the next year. Current NT military spending is $1.6 billion per annum.

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By Philip Shelley

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