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The Ministry of Defence and Airbus join forces to defend the skies

DSTO and Airbus will work closely together on a range of research and development projects related to defence technology."

Australia's Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) and Airbus Defence and Space have joined hands in a strategic alliance to collaborate on a raft of aerospace defence projects.

The inaugural alliance management committee signed the accord in a meeting that took place during the Australian International Air Show at Avalon in March. The partnership will see the two organisations work closely on a range of research and development projects related to defence technology.

What is the partnership going to deliver?

The immediate focus will be to work together to maximise the capability of the Australian Defence Force's current aerospace fleet. Also a priority is to improve the aircraft's communications potential.

According to a statement released by Airbus, one milestone has already been achieved. The HFI (Hostile Fire Indication) function of the MILDS AN/AAR-60 has been upgraded in a joint effort. The HFI is a purely software based component, designed to alert the aircraft to small arms fire. The upgrade required no additional equipment to be added to the aircraft. Field trials of the HFI algorithms revealed excellent results.

The MILDS AN/AAR-60 is a sophisticated missile warning system to protect helicopters and wide-body aircraft against missile attacks. Using a passive imaging sensor it detects the UV radiation of missiles targeting an aircraft. There are 4 to 5 sensors with extreme high resolution and rapid processing, which eliminates the danger of false alarms. According to Airbus the MILDS offers superior ability to detect small arms fire. 

Reactions from the top 

According to Chief Defence Scientist Dr Alex Zelinsky the defence force's capabilities are going to be enhanced as a result of the agreement. 

"Our collaboration with Airbus Group will ensure the highest levels of support for the ADF's future aerospace systems," he said.

Airbus Group Australia Pacific Managing Director, Dr Jens Goennemann, both organisations are going to benefit from the partnership.

"I'm delighted to formalise our relationship with the world-respected DSTO. Airbus Group has been good friends and business partners with DSTO for a long time and this strategic alliance can only enhance that successful relationship," he said.

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