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Space Surveillance Telescope to improve ADF awareness

A new partnership between Australia, the UK, Canada and the US will mean greater space capabilities for Australia"

Satellites are essential for modern defence forces, utilised to provide coverage of different events across the globe, and strong communications for remote ships and aircraft.

As greater numbers of these tools are launched into space, however, the risk of collisions climbs given the sheer number of objects.

Australia and the US are taking the lead here by constructing what's called the Defence Space Surveillance Telescope. This massive project will provide a high degree of visibility into space.

The US is currently developing the telescope in New Mexico, which will then be transported to Australia for installation in WA. Australia is taking the lead by constructing the auxiliary facilities, including the satellite enclosure and supporting infrastructure and roads.

"When complete, the telescope will provide the Australian Defence Force with an enhanced space surveillance capability in cooperation with the United States Department of Defense," explained Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence, Darren Chester.

He went on to outline how space is becoming highly congested, as both active satellites and space junk from launch vehicles pose a collision risk.

"Space situational awareness will give the operators of space-based capabilities the ability to anticipate the influence of other space objects and take action to ensure continued and unimpeded operations of space vehicles."

This project is currently subject to approval by the parliament, but construction is expected to go ahead by early 2015. Following development, operations should be completed by 2016.

Once in place, Australia and the US will be able to better understand and observe the movements of satellites in orbit around the Earth.

Interconnect Systems has a comprehensive background in aerospace and defence engineering, being an industry leader for more than 20 years. It provides electrical interconnect products and solutions, including cable and wire harness manufacture.

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