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Skills a focus for Australian defence

Skilled personnel are key to our defence force running effectively."

Australia has long been home to a highly capable defence force, with personnel trained in a number of specialist areas across a range of fields.

Maritime engineers, aircraft maintenance technicians and extremely skilled field personnel are just some of the areas where our country excels. These personnel are important, as equipment (whether that's vehicles or vessels), are only part of the equation when it comes to a cohesive defensive strategy.

Australia has long been home to a highly capable defence force.

Further funding for defence skills

Minister for Defence Kevin Andrews recently explained the Skilling Australia's Defence Industry (SADI) initiative, and a new $5 million funding round that will "boost the essential skills of workers in the defence industry sector".

He explained that companies should take advantage of the funding, especially given the fact that it's a good way to increase the skills base. Over time, the program should ensure that qualified engineers, tradespeople across a number of fields, project managers and technicians enter the industry.

"Australian defence companies can apply for funding support for skilling activities which take place at any time during the 2015-16 financial year," he said.

"The Abbott Government is prepared to invest in the skills and knowledge base of the defence industry. We are prepared to commit to long-term investment to make sure this important industry enjoys a future in Australia and these critical skills are maintained."

Funding that's needed

This funding comes at a perfect time for Australian defence, as new vehicles and vessels are fast approaching operational capacity, and this is going to necessitate trained personnel.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, for example, is a cutting edge military aircraft that relies on a skilled network of technicians and engineers to keep it in the air. Likewise, the future submarines and Amphibious Assault Ships will be next to useless if the crew lack the necessary skills to keep them running.

Every country requires both personnel with a range of skills and a bevvy of modern vehicles designed to fill a number of roles.

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Skilled personnel are key for defence.Skilled personnel are key for defence.

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