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RNZAF reaches significant milestone in Middle East

A Royal New Zealand Airforce Orion has joined the search for missing flight MH-370."

The Middle East has been on the world stage for sometime thanks to the ongoing conflict, with defence forces from across the globe rotating throughout the region to ensure some measure of stability.

New Zealand has played a key role in these efforts by supplying personnel, ships and aircraft to assist allies and patrol the region, and the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) is about to reach a significant milestone. On August 1, it will have been 365 days since the first P-3K2 Orion left Auckland, marking the start of several rotations.

"The Orion is a hugely popular asset for the Combined Maritime Forces. The information provided by our aircraft and intelligence personnel has helped locate and intercept vessels involved in illegal activities including piracy and drug smuggling," said Chief of Air Force Air Vice-Marshal Mike Yardley.

There's really no denying the value of having such a capable surveillance aircraft on station in the region, as it's able to scan the waters for potential drug smuggling vehicles and anyone that needs help.

The operations are undertaken as part of the Combined Maritime Forces, a group of defence forces from across the globe working together in numerous regions. In most cases, this means having a unique grouping of ships and aircraft ready to respond when required.

"This deployment contributes to New Zealand's security and prosperity by its role in the protection of a vital route for global commerce. Eighty-five percent of New Zealand exports by value are transported by sea," he said.

New Zealand, just like Australia, will continue to play an important role in the Middle East.

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