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RAAF personnel arrive in Afghanistan

US Marines are set to arrive in the Northern Territory shortly, in order to use the region as a staging ground."

International efforts in Afghanistan continue into this year, with further personnel and equipment being sent to the country for a number of missions. Australia has recently committed further staff, this time from the RAAF Base in Amberely.

As part of the ongoing mission in Afghanistan, eight members of the Airfield Defence Guards have arrived in the arid country to provide support and security at one of the world's busiest airports. During the course of the mission, the team will protect the entry points and border of the airport as both civilian and military flights routinely cycle through the area.

"This is still a dangerous place and our Airfield Defence Guards are at the forefront working with other nations on the flight line and within the base security zone to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment," said Flight Lieutenant Mick Fox.

Throughout the course of the war in Afghanistan, Kandahar airfield has proven to be a key point for forces operating in the region. As many areas can't support either the capacity of weight of some of the larger aircraft, established airfields have become key.

Ongoing protection of these vital aviation assets is important, and it's likely heavy security will be needed as long a military presence remains in the country.

"You can't put a price on a human life but it's well known that at any given time there could be about $50 billion worth of aircraft and mission-essential equipment on the airfield or flying above," Lieutenant Fox said.

"The latest rotation takes over from Victorian-based reservists who did a fantastic job."

Australia could continue supplying personnel and equipment as long as partner nations remain the country. Certainly, Australian forces are required to support the efforts of the United States.

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