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Qantas questions B787's role

Qantas questions B787's role"

Reports have circulated questioning whether Australian commercial airline company Qantas is happy with its original decision to use its existing fleet of Airbus jets instead of transitioning to a new Boeing model.

The original plan was for the company to switch out it's entire fleet of Airbus A330 planes for a new set of Boeing 787s, however it appears it will now hold onto its A330s, as well as its older generation of Boeing 767s.

According to Aviation Business, Qantas put in its order for Boeing's revolutionary new Dreamliner aircraft long ago, and planned for it to be a replacement for its fleet of B767 aircraft, which are used for domestic travel. Because this was the plan, Qantas ordered the aircraft with lower thrust rating engines, which would ultimately save it money on air navigation charges.

Obliging, Boeing made the planes with a lower thrust rating pylon. Experts say that even if the engines were fixed to account for a higher thrust rating, it would be likely that the pylon would separate from the wing.

This would spell disaster for Qantas and have a huge effect on its fleet utilisation for both international and domestic flights.

The potential debacle for Qantas is just the beginning of the airline's problems.

The group has also stated it is having trouble filling its A380 jets to capacity, with some Dubai to Australia flights only filling half the available seats.

Even during the peak holiday travel season, several of the planes are operating with a number of empty seats, which has many officials at the company worried that demand could be waning.

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By Philip Shelley

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