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Lockheed Martin to focus on using high speed as stealth in RS-72 plane

Lockheed Martin to focus on using high speed as stealth in RS-72 plane"

Back in the 1970s, the SR-71 Blackbird was hailed as an enormous feat in the military engineering world, gaining a reputation as the fastest aircraft on the planet, the only aircraft able to fly from New York to London in under two hours.

Fast forward to today, and the remarkable machine still holds airspeed records that surpass the speed of sound threefold.

However, the SR71's reining days may soon be over thanks to a new proposed development from Lockheed Martin.

While the Blackbird was certainly an unprecedented engineering achievement, it was still limited by the available 20th century technologies which it was built. Now that engineering can be aided by computer designs and software, Lockheed says it can build the SR-72 - an aircraft that could potentially fly twice as fast as its history-making predecessor.

The proposed new military plane would be fly six times the speed of sound, making it essentially impossible for an enemy to react in time to defend itself.

"Hypersonic aircraft, coupled with hypersonic missiles, could penetrate denied airspace and strike at nearly any location across a continent in less than an hour," said Brad Leland, Lockheed Martin program manager, Hypersonics.

"Speed is the next aviation advancement to counter emerging threats in the next several decades. The technology would be a game-changer in theater, similar to how stealth is changing the battlespace today."

What could be most exciting, though, is that such an aircraft likely wouldn't be hindered by astronomical development and manufacturing costs. In fact, Lockheed Martin officials peg the probable date of its completion to be around 2030

Interconnect Systems has been operating in the military engineering industry for more than 20 years and has developed several products and solutions that will benefit various military projects.

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