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How the Navy supports a democratic state

The strength of the Navy plays a key role in a country's ability to wage war"

The armed forces need to constantly refresh the understanding of the fundamentals on which a democratic state provides services to its citizens, according to Australia's Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Time Barrett. 

The Vice Admiral was on a visit to Maryland, USA when he made these comments. He had been invited to speak at the United States Navy League Sea-Air-Space Exposition - he was attending as a part the nine-member 'International Naval Leadership' panel.

Democracy and the armed forces

He quoted the examples of 9/11, the Madrid bombings in 2004, the London bombings in 2005, the Canadian Parliament incident in 2014, the ISIS beheadings in Iraq and the terrorist incidents in Sydney, Paris and Copenhagen to reiterate that it is the job of the armed forces to make the governments and public feel secure, especially after incidents that threaten the safety of the society they live in.  

"We must ensure that navies are well positioned to support governments in achieving their fundamental duty to protect and defend a country and its people," he said.

The concept of lethality 

Vice Admiral Barrett drew inspiration from the of American strategists, Alfred Thayer Mahan and Stansfield Turner.

He mentioned that the Navy provides key support to the democratic state during troubled times. Leaders of modern-day naval forces need to provide solid guidance to their governments so the country is in the best position to deal with any threats.  

In the 21st century the navy and state need to strike a balance between strategic deterrence, sea control and projection of power. Lethality, he said, is still at the heart of a nation's ability to wage war and defeat enemies. 

"How we deploy and deliver that lethality has changed enormously," he added. 

The constantly changing circumstances are a challenge for the naval forces of the world. However, since it is their job to advise the government on their ability to engage in war, the navy must always remain on top of the challenge of the constantly changing circumstances. 

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