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HMAS Success participates in electronic warfare experiment

A dual drug seizure operation has recently been undertaken in the Red Sea, involving deployment of an RHIB and Seahawk helicopter."

Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) is now well underway, hosting a variety of simulated defence operations off the coast of Hawaii. As one of the participating nations, Australia is involved in a substantial number of exercises.

HMAS Success, an Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment vessel, participated in a missile-defence technology trial at RIMPAC on July 17, along with a number of vessels including the HMCS Calgary and US Lake Champlain, Spruance and Sampson. In addition, US F/A-18 jets were dispatched from the USS Ronald Reagan.

Simulated attacks were then conducted against the task force, testing the capabilities of vessels, aircraft and the substantial number of crew involved.

The simulation was undertaken as part of an electronic warfare experiment known as TAPA, one of a long line of experiments designed to test new missile defence systems.

These types of tests are essential when it comes to improving missile defence practices, and explore new ways to handle missile defence operations.

"It has been a very complex exercise, with unique specialised equipment and the support from Success' Ship's Company has been second to none," said Royal Australian Navy Weapons Testing Officer, Lieutenant Charles Marchant.

"The time spent at sea during RIMPAC has been invaluable to the experiment and Success has most certainly contributed to the future of missile defence technology".

A number of new technologies or modifications are likely to be born out of this year's exercises, and developed over the next few years in order to better defend ships and crew.

RIMPAC is set to continue through until August, at which point the substantial number of ships involved will return to home ports at bases around the world.

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