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HMAS Childers returns from deployment

The HMAS Childers has returned to Darwin following an extensive naval voyage."

After a long voyage that involved stopping off in multiple nations and culminated in an Indian Navy event, the Australian ship HMAS Childers has returned to Darwin. The voyage saw the ship travelling for most of February, stopping in Bangladesh and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

A key reason for the voyage was to participate in the Indian Navy event, Milan 2014. A biannual international event, Milan is a time for different countries to work together in the Indian Ocean. The focus is on improving maritime cooperation and interoperability.

"It enabled navy people from many Indian Ocean nations the opportunity to interact on both a professional and personal level. The discussions reinforced the fundamentally united approach many nations wish to take," said Captain Bob Plath of the Mine Warfare Patrol Boat Group.

Additionally, the event means navies can build a mutual understanding with each other. This is important for navies, as the vast size of oceans means working together is important.

Captain Plath went on to say that Australia and India in particular are interested in building a strong relationship, as the two countries are invested in the prosperity and stability of the Indian Ocean.

"Our navies regularly interact through port visits and annual passage exercises.  Australia also has a long-standing commitment to India's Milan series, having attended either as an observer or participant since 2003," said Captain Plath.

Further cooperation is likely in the near future, especially among the naval forces of the two countries. Building relationships at events such as Milan 2014 mean future interactions are easier.

"Australia sees India as a key security partner in the Indian Ocean and Indo-Pacific region. We believe it is important to continue active engagement; including, as part of existing multilateral security structure," he said.

The relationship should continue to strengthen this year with the next Milan event.

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By Philip Shelley

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