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Cutting edge defence technology receives $14.2 million funding

DSTO and Airbus will work closely together on a range of research and development projects related to defence technology."

Australia is focused on ensuring its military stays ahead of the latest technology trends, as evidenced by its latest program.

The successful applicants of the Capability and Demonstrator Program have recently been announced, with their proposals outlined. These concepts are chosen on the basis of their ability to advance defence abilities, produce innovation that can have civilian implications and stimulate growth in Australian industries.

In a recent media release, the Minister of Defence Kevin Andrews congratulated the finalists who will receive funding as part of the Capability and Demonstrator Program.

The program is managed by the Australian government's Defence Science and Technology Group and aims to integrate cutting edge technology into existing military operations. It has been historically successful since its launch in 1998.

"The CTD program aims to show ADF users how leading edge technology can be integrated quickly into existing, new, enhanced or replacement high-priority capabilities," states the 1998 Defence and Industry Strategic Policy Statement.

The proposals were evaluated according to five key points:

  • Their ability to enhance current defence capabilities
  • The technology should solve an existing problem 
  • An innovative concept that makes use of new technology
  • Assist Australia's economy in some form
  • Have effective project management processes and plans

Australian government funding of $14.2 million was distributed across seven successful organisations: Armor Composite Engineering, CSIRO, Micro-X Pty Ltd, Ocius Technology, the University of Canberra, the Bureau of Meteorology and Deakin University.

One of the successful companies was Ocius Technology, who is planning on using the $3 million to develop a stealthy unmanned surface vessel to track submarines and torpedoes.

"We are privileged to be awarded this contract and to be working with top Navy technology specialists and businesses in Australia. This A$3M contract provides extensive validation of our strategy to draw on proprietary technology for the development of long range, autonomous surveillance and sensing platforms," says CEO of Ocius Technology Dr Robert Dane.

After noting the high expense of anti-submarine warfare, Ocius Technology began developing a more cost-effective alternative that is still high quality. The firm's aim is to produce a version that is acoustically clear with consistent sonar capabilities that can be used for long distances. 

This allows remote sonar data to be used, increasing the strategic information available to military personnel to combat submarine threats. It will also increase the accuracy of Rapid Environment Assessments by providing reliable data through sonar. 

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