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Catherine Hayes deploys as first female commander of HMAS Toowoomba

The US 2014 Quadrennial Defence Review has been released, outlining plans for the Asia-Pacific region."

The HMAS Toowoomba has, for the first time, recently deployed on an assignment in the Middle East with a female commander, a historic event for the Anzac class frigate.

Commander Catherine Hayes is not only the first commander of the HMAS Toowoomba, but the first female in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) to assume control of a warship in the Middle East.

"This is another step in the right direction in providing leadership roles and opportunities for women in the Australian Defence Force," said Minister for Defence Senator David Johnston.

"I hope this deployment acts as an inspiration for all women currently serving as well as for young women considering a career in the Navy or in the wider Australian Defence Force."

This vessel is one of several Anzac class frigates, which were built for the RAN in Victoria. The frigate has air defence systems, surface and undersea warfare capabilities as well as reconnaissance and interdiction tools are located onboard.

The Toowoomba has been deployed as part of Operation MANITOU, and will support international efforts in the region. The key focus of efforts in the Middle East is currently on counter terrorism and deterring narcotics trading.

Senator Johnston explained that the arduous and dangerous work being undertaken in the Middle East is essential, as the profits are often fed directly into terrorist organisations. With a steady stream of uncontrolled funding, these groups could could be highly detrimental to the region.

HMAS Toowoomba is assuming patrols of the region from HMAS Darwin, a vessel that has had massive success over the past five months. 

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