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Boost to India-Australia defence ties

India and Australia have long held defence ties, dating from World War I and II."

Australia has renewed its strategic association with India by committing to an assortment of military measures. This includes mutual defence research and joint air force and naval activities, as discussed during a conference between the two countries' defence ministers. 

Minister of Defence Kevin Andrews completed his visit to India and subsequent meeting with his counterpart, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, on September 3 2015. 

The visit follows on from a successful meeting between Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, and our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, in November 2014.

Mr Abbott confirmed a stronger bilateral strategic relationships between the two countries, specifically noting defence, counter-terrorism, cyber policy, disarmament and non-proliferation and maritime security. These security initiatives will be guided by the Framework for Security Cooperation as well as regular defence meetings. 

"This is the time to turn the warm friendship between Australia and India, the long history that Australia and India have together, into something that will be meaningful, more meaningful for us and significant for the wider world," Mr Abbott stated, regarding the November 2014 visit.

Australia's Department of Defence stated the significance of the meeting due to the growing influence of India as a economic power in Asia. It also highlighted the practicability of the visit in strengthening India and Australia's connections as two leading Indian Ocean states.

The meeting built upon this idea and was focused on the future direction of India and Australia's defence relationship in light of the recently developed security framework. 

While in India, Mr Andrews also contributed an op-ed piece to an Indian newspaper, The Hindu.

Within the article, Mr Andrews stated the importance of creating a secure maritime environment between the two nations. He noted the significant role that naval cooperation will play in the future, particularly as trade routes in the Pacific increase.

"By 2030, the Indo-Pacific region is expected to account for 21 of the top 25 sea and air trade routes; around two-thirds of global oil shipments; and one third of the world's bulk cargo movements. So improving security will be crucial to protecting our prosperity," Mr Andrews wrote in his piece. 

One of the initiatives is increased Air Force collaboration.One of the initiatives is increased Air Force collaboration.

Key initiatives reached in the meeting were also discussed in a statement released by the Australian Department of Defence. These included:

  • Continuing to prioritise defence research through ongoing cooperation between Australia's Defence Science and Technology Group and India's Defence Research and Development Organisation
  • Beginning a relationship between the two nations peacekeeping sectors
  • A rise in Air Force collaboration, particularly focused on safety and flight adequacy
  • Increased Navy coordination
  • Mutual research on dealing with explosive devices

The successful conclusion of this visit reiterates the willingness of Australia and India's governments to have a strategic relationship. It confirms the strong nature of the bilateral partnership in hopes of developing a safe and secure environment in the Asia-Pacific region. 

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