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Australian black box inventor honoured in naming of Defence building

Aircraft such as the 747 are going to receive a lower manufacturing priority over the next twenty years as smaller aircraft become favoured."

The Australian inventor of the black box flight recorder has recently been honoured by the Defence department.

At the headquarters of the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) in Canberra, it was announced the building would be named after the late Dr David Warren.

"Dr Warren was a visionary and his invention has made an extraordinary contribution to aviation safety around the world," said Assistant Minister for Defence Stuart Robert.

The black box was invented in the 1950s by the Australian while he was employed at the one of the organisations that eventually gave way to the DSTO: the Aeronautical Research Laboratory in Melbourne.

Mr Robert explained how the black box was initially disregarded, but due to increased air traffic and developments, benefits were soon seen.

"Although the Australian authorities at the time were slow to see the potential of Dr Warren's invention, it is now an indispensable part of any aircraft or flight," he said.

The black box now forms an essential part of any flight, whether military or civilian. Regardless of whether an F/A-18 is running patrol flights or a private passenger jet is flying from Melbourne to Auckland, a black box is constantly recording in the event of a crash.

"By capturing crucial cockpit information the black box provides valuable lessons in avoiding future accidents and improving safety for millions of passengers around the world," said Mr Robert.

Recently, the search for the debris of MH-370 has had a strong focus on finding the black box recorder. If the box can be recovered, an understanding of what happened to the flight can be gleaned.

Specialist US black box locator equipment is being brought in along with a Bluefin-21 remotely operated vehicle to help locate the device.

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By Philip Shelley

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