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Australia a target for Mexican drug cartels

Does the Australian Defence Force have the intelligence to interdict a highly sophisticated operation?"

There is a new power rising, a dark power, whose feelers have made their way onto our shores.

The latest report from Australian National University's Centre of Gravity (COG) series released in April of this year confirms the magnitude of a very real threat to national security: Mexican drug cartels.

Policy successes in the United States over the last three decades have limited the cartels' accessibility to the previously lucrative market. In effect, distributors and retailers are both demanding and paying less for the black-market trade.

European and Asia Pacific regions are proving to be a far more appealing option for the global illicit drug market, with higher wholesale prices and a larger number of amphetamine users (9.5 million) across the continents. For instance, in US dollar values, a kilo of cocaine sells for approximately $54,000 and in the UK it's valued at $87,000. However, in Australia, it is worth a remarkably higher cash value at around $250,000.

With economic developments in Asian countries and the high price available in Australia, it is logical that the cartels are setting their sites toward our corner of the globe.

Mexican drug cartels prefer not to be involved with end users, meaning local gangs will fight for distribution rights.Mexican drug cartels prefer not to be involved with end users, meaning local gangs will fight for distribution rights.

Preparing for a sophisticated, sadistic and secret "dark network"

With the Australia Defence Force's recent seizures of heroine shipments across the Arabian Gulf as part of Project MANITOU, our national security has both experience and skills in intercepting international drug routes. However, the Mexican drug cartels have a much higher level of strategic sophistication.

The Sinaloa cartel turns over around US$3.1 billion a year, placing it in the ranks of Fortune 500 companies.

For instance, the COG report shed light on the Sinaloa cartel, which turns over around US$3.1 billion a year, placing it in the ranks of Fortune 500 companies in terms of profitability. In fact, this cartel is generating the most attention, especially after the Sydney Morning Herald published a series on the organisation in 2010 after a 240 kilogram bust was confirmed. According to an article, police believed the cartel had successfully smuggled an estimated half-tonne of cocaine each month for more than two years leading up to the bust, totaling a revenue of approximately US$3.75 trillion.

The COG report fears increased violence in local criminal organisations as the cartels select domestic distributors, as well as a number of other potentially devastating problems. But at the moment, policymakers do not have the intelligence to proficiently interdict supply lines.

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