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Army Reserve on patrol in Southern Indian Ocean

The US 2014 Quadrennial Defence Review has been released, outlining plans for the Asia-Pacific region."

The search for MH370 is becoming one of the largest in the world, with an unprecedented number of aircraft, vessels and personnel scouring the ocean for any sign of debris or a crash site.

As part of the ongoing search efforts, Australia has committed additional personnel - though this time from the Army Reserve detachment. These personnel are now assisting the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force by keeping constant lookout for any sign of the aircraft.

Army Reserve personnel are happy to be a part of the ongoing international search efforts.

"This is great, we are doing our bit to help solve one of the world's greatest mysteries. I am proud to be a part of one of the largest search efforts in history," Lance Corporal Jye Staff said.

The demands on aircraft and vessel crews are high as the search continues, thanks to the mounting pressure to find the downed aircraft. Surface surveillance is likely to lose importance as time goes, however, as submersibles will be required to scan the ocean floor.

"Discipline and a rotating schedule of lookouts to keep fresh eyes on the task make sure we clear an area before moving forward to the next one," said Private Michael Cook.

It's not unlikely further commitments will come from Australia if the aircraft isn't soon located, as the search could take months or even years. When Air France flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, the black box took years to recover.

Commitments from personnel will be the key drivers behind search efforts, and be a large factor in the search for the aircraft.

"The men and women, these soldiers, are great. As our program changed and we moved into another line of operation, the soldiers of the Royal Victorian Regiment just rolled with the changes and readily volunteered to help in any and every capacity they could," Captain Lee Goddard said.

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